Hong Kong Neighbourhoods: Causeway Bay | Hong Kong Pass

Looking for a spot of retail therapy or want to grab a bite to eat? Head along the waterfront to Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong's most bustling neighbourhoods.

Causeway Bay is one of the liveliest districts in Hong Kong and it’s frequently where you’ll find a younger crowd, as many students flock here to grab snacks at trendy food stalls while chic locals in the know will peruse the indie boutiques for an exciting new purchase. It’s more the kind of place where you walk around and let the neighbourhood roll over you, rather than one filled with distinct national landmarks as it tends to be more of a shopping and culinary mecca. For more on Causeway Bay, read on below...


Causeway Bay Restaurants

Causeway Bay is one of the best neighbourhoods in Hong Kong to get a taste of the local culinary scene, ranging from classic Chinese dining spots through to exciting new fare. Houston Street - also known as Food Street - is one of the favoured places to go and you’re guaranteed to never have a bad meal wandering along here. For dessert, make a stop at Hui Lau Shan - a crowd-pleasing Hong Kong chain which serves up mango everything: mango shakes, mango mochi, gigantic bowls of frozen mango and mango ice cream. If you’re feeling well and truly adventurous, try the option with bird’s nest. Tsujiri, a Japanese expert, also specialises in green tea desserts and modern desserts - their green tea soft serve ice cream is pretty legendary. For dining with a view, head to Alto Bar & Grill - sat on the 31st floor, Alto serves a classic grill menu with a twist while you take in stunning views across Victoria harbour - show your Hong Kong Pass to enjoy an exclusive dining discount. 


Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of the rare green spaces on Hong Kong island for locals to relax in, with a number of sports courts, event spaces and grassy lawns to recline in on a hot day. If you happen to be around for the Hong Kong Flower Show or Chinese New Year, a section of it completely transforms into a floral paradise with gigantic floral displays and people weaving around one another with huge orange trees or orchids clasped carefully to their chest depending on the season.


Hong Kong Stadium

Straddling the divide between Causeway Bay and the neighbouring district Happy Valley, Hong Kong Stadium is the premier sporting venue for the city and hosts a number of football and rugby matches. Although occasionaly the city gets some exciting one-off high profile games coming through, the highlight of the year is undoubtedly the Rugby Sevens: a three day international rugby tournament where people spend more time partying than actually watching the rugby.

Causeway Bay Crossing

Forget the Shibuya Crossing, the crosswalk between Sogo and the road to Times Square is one of the most hectic traffic light junctions in the city. Brave the path across or take it all in from the side: it’s a pretty fantastic representation of Hong Kong’s dense population.

Causeway Bay Shopping

Times Square Hong Kong
Times Square is one of the veterans of the Causeway Bay shopping scene and with good reason. This gigantic plaza is easily one of the biggest (and tallest) on the island with designer, local and high street chains represented including Zara, Mikimoto and other luxury designer labels. There’s also a popular shopping mall and a number of fantastic restaurants attached, though it’s worth wandering down to their massive courtyard which is both a popular meeting spot and where many impressive art installations are hosted.

Hysan Place
This new kid on the block is home to a number of big stores including the hugely popular Apple store, a department store laden with exciting beauty brands and a pretty fantastic range of food options on the upper floors. After you’ve finished perusing the stores, it’s worth jumping into the lift and heading to the heights for a meal at Pepper Lunch: a fast food place which serves up juicy beef and rice dishes served on piping hot cast iron plates.

Lee Garden
Easily the most luxury shopping mall on Causeway Bay’s radar, Lee Garden is where you come if you’re looking to purchase an investment piece, grab a fantastic meal at one of its restaurants or simply wait around for a cab at its taxi rank.

Sogo HK
Interested in buying something from an Asian brand? Sogo is home to not only a number of popular Western brands, but also proudly supports products from the far reaches of Asia. It’s basically a gigantic department store and sells everything you need and everything you don’t, from homeware to winterwear to luxury make-up. If you happen to be around Hong Kong for sale season, Sogo HK becomes something of a minefield but it’s still worth fighting the crowds for a bargain. Don't forget to head down to the basement where you'll find delicious food stalls serving small bites from baked snacks to Japanese delicacies. 

Causeway Bay Lanes
Tucked down a sidestreet opposite Hysan Place, this street stretches on for a little while and is one of the neighbourhood’s best kept secrets. Stalls are packed side by side here and run by folks that have been there for years, selling things like affordable jewellery, trinkets, hosiery and knock-off bags.